How to create a good item description?

A good advertisement has a short, clear title, is included in at least two search categories and has a detailed description with all fields filled in.

To make your description great you need:

  • Detailed title, search category. Add a description that is easy to find. Will match the specified 3 max categories. You can choose one, but not more than 3.

  • The basis is a good description: Add the type of rental and define its price. Remember to enter the currency. You can specify one type of lease in the advertisement. Don't worry if you want to provide more additional information, include it in the description.

  • Address and location. Provide the detailed address of the location where the item offered for rent is located.

  • Very important thing, correct contact details. Finally, add photos.


What photos should I use in my ad?

Picking a few good quality detailed photos (up to 5 for one listing) will help you get attention. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when taking photos and adding items to your catalog:

  • First photo, full view - Show the whole thing in the first photo. Give up collages

  • Use your photos. Don't use stock images, photos from the internet, or watermarks. They are copyrighted and may not reflect the current condition of the item.

  • Show off different angles To keep your advertisement enticing and complete, take photos of different perspectives

  • Capture the details Attach photos in which you can accurately capture details not visible in other photos

  • Don't hide the flaws If the item has defects, be sure to show them in the photos. If you don't mention them in the ad